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Free Article to video creator method and software

The internet is always in a constant movement and in the current age you will need to find other methods to get your message around. Social media networks, videos and radio talks will just provide that extra what each website or company needs. Now there are various ways to get your articles to the public. You can use the Google Adwords program which will allow you to buy advertisement room on the Google spots all around the internet. This method is often very expensive for start-ups and the money is better spend somewhere else.

You can try to advertise your website or company via several radio channels, but it will be a real challenge to find the rights words which will attract the right visitors to your article.

Now here comes the part I personally enjoy. The article to video method has caught my attention. The article to video method allows you to transfer your articles to a strong video message which will hit thousands of people that want to watch a video on the article subject you just published. The strong points of the article to video method are:

  • You can use various social networks which you were not able to use before
  • You will spread your message via video instead of a solid article
  • The article to video method allows you to share your videos to Youtube, Vimeo and various other video sharing websites.

There are a lot of services on the internet which allow you to create a free video, but there are just a few services on the internet which allow you to transfer your article to a video.

But here are the top 10 reasons why you should use a article to video software

  • New audience
  • Generate leads via video content
  • Get twice out of your articles by creating videos out of them
  • Get responses on your video content
  • Get traffic via the video content you published on the social media networks like Youtube and Facebook
  • Have an online video presence
  • Enjoy the traffic via the videos which have been embedded
  • Generate an online video revenue
  • Advertise your product via videos
  • Interact with other video producers

How the article to video creator has helped us

The article to video creator has allowed us to transfer our cyberwar and how to tutorials to awesome videos which are currently being shared on various social media networks like Youtube and Facebook.

Because we already had an big database of cyber war articles, we were able to use the articles for the cyberwar videos and tutorials which are currently available on the Cyberwarzone Youtube account.

The article to video creator is really one of the tools which each tutorial or how to website should have.


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