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Finally you can stop your online search for an free full version antivirus which you can download for free. We have decided to write an massive post about the various free antivirus packages which provide an full version download link. You can imagine that there are hundreds of antivirus packages which claim to be capable of protecting you against Trojans, malicious files and persons which are interested in your computer or device.

An antivirus program will protect your computer against persons which are after personal information. The persons which are performing illegal activities via the internet are described as cybercriminals and hackers. Hackers are often after fame, while the cybercriminals are after money and personal belongings. Cybercriminals will create remote access Trojans which allow them to gain remote access if the Trojan is executed on the targeted device.

A free antivirus will be able to protect you against these types of attacks, it will not be 100 percent but it will hold off a lot of attacks which can cause you a lot of problems.

There are viruses active which demand the user to pay money for their own files. These type of viruses are titled Ransom ware. Ransom ware will put an password on the files which can be found on the infected device, once the user tries to open one of the password protected files, the user will be informed about the fact that he/she has been hacked and infected with an Ransom ware virus and that they will have only a limited time to pay the demanded money. If the money is not paid on time, the ransom ware will delete the password for those files and the files will be lost.  The free antivirus packages are able to protect you against Ransom ware viruses.