Former Sony CEO: Do not store sensitive data on servers

In 2014, Sony Pictures Entertainment was hit by a massive hack where attackers were able to steal large amounts of data and infected thousands of malware computers. The incident could have meant the end of the business, so did Michael Lynton, former Sony director state at an event for CEOs. According to the FBI, the attack was the work of North Korea.

Lynton joined Sony as a topman at the beginning of this year, but learned from the incident a couple of important things.

“My email is stored on a hard disk every 10 days. That’s the solution to me. Stop it in a locker and lock it. – Lynton”

Lynton also told at the event that companies should not keep sensitive information, such as medical records and social security numbers, on their servers that may be hacked.

In the event of an incident, drivers should remain “ridiculously optimistic”. You have to go to work every day and tell everyone that we will save it. I have made a serious effort to have that optimistic look on my face when I went to the office. You do not have to be Pollyanna, But it was very helpful to do it.

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