Foreign e-mail friend invite: “I am the beginner in the Internet”

Be aware of  an email which holds a message on how a female just started to browse the internet and is searching for new friends. This is a email which has been send by scammers and cybercriminals to gain insight on which email accounts are active or not.

If you reply to the message, the cybercriminal will send a link to a website which forces the user to download a file. The cybercriminal which claims to be a “friendly female” will claim that the file holds pictures or videos from the “friendly female”, and they know that a lot of people are interested in seeing those type of pictures.

Once the victim downloads and opens the picture, they will be actually starting the virus or Trojan of the cybercriminal. The Trojan or virus will allow the cybercriminal to control the infected device and it allows him to use the webcam and microphone of the infected device.


The scammers and hackers use these types of methods to infect unaware internet users with malware which will allow them to gain financial gain.

You can see the e-mail content below, please DO be aware that this is just one example which we were able to find, there are certainly dozens of examples which use the same method!

Fake foreign e-mail friend invite

I am the beginner in the Internet also was the first attempt to find friends in the Internet. I feel slightly uncertainly.

I was registered on this site and found your structure. It is interesting to me to learn you closer.

I have overlooked to speak you about myself. My name Elena and I am 26 years. I live in small city of Russia.

I hope that it does not frighten you. My opinion has no value for you, but I want that you knew that I have only the good relation to you and your country.

I want that you wrote to me on my personal address

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