Forcing users to disable adblocker will cost you your visitors

On twitter a standpoint has been taken, the USATODAY site has forced their readers to disable the adblocker, once the ad-blocker has been disabled, the reader will be allowed to view the content of the site.

But many security professionals on twitter have retweeded that, if USATODAY forces their readers to disable the adblocker, they are also forcing their users to be ‘extra’-vulnerable.

This is because some advertisements may contain malware, these advertisements are known as malicious-advertisements.

Malicious-advertisements have become a real problem for the advertisement industry, it seems to be hard for them to filter out the malicious ones. While there are solutions that are capable of detecting unwanted processes and actions that may be hidden in an malicious advertisement.

One user stated, that it has just been a couple of months ago that the USATODAY site was serving malicious-content.


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