Flan Scan: A lightweight network vulnerability scanner

Flan Scan is a lightweight network vulnerability scanner. With Flan Scan you can easily find open ports on your network, identify services and their version, and get a list of relevant CVEs affecting your network.

Flan Scan is a wrapper over Nmap and the vulners script which turns Nmap into a full-fledged network vulnerability scanner. Flan Scan makes it easy to deploy Nmap locally within a container, push results to the cloud, and deploy the scanner on Kubernetes.

Getting Started

  1. Clone this repository
  2. Make sure you have docker setup:
$ docker --version
  1. Add the list of IP addresses or CIDRS you wish to scan to shared/ips.txt.
  2. Build the container:
$ make build
  1. Start scanning!
$ make start

By default flan creates Latex reports, to get other formats run:

$ make html

Additional supported formats are md (markdown), html and json.

When the scan finishes you will find the reports summarizing the scan in shared/reports. You can also see the raw XML output from Nmap in shared/xml_files.

Report created by Flan Scan
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