[FIXED] GTA 5 PC: Activation required GTA 5 error

The GTA 5 game has been released a week ago on the internet and it took the 3DM team a couple of days to fully control the game, but it seems that the 3DM GTA 5 gamers are experiencing a new type of error.

The Activation required GTA 5 error seems to be hitting thousands of GTA 5 players worldwide, and they are begging the 3DM team to release a new “patch” which will allow the GTA 5 players to play the game again.

Now it is possible that 3DM will release a updated version, but I still strongly recommend you to buy the game in the store and support the franchise. The illegal versions will RUIN the game for you.

Error message: Activation requires an internet connection and you are currently in offline mode. Your offline activation data could not be loaded. Please verify your internet connection and restart Grant Theft Auto V

Fix: Rewind your computer clock for a couple of hours.

For example, it is now 09:00 on your pc – you will have to change it back to 01:00.

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