FinFly Web source code has been leaked

The FinFisher software which is used by governments to hack people, seems to be leaked to the internet. The FinFly web source contains all the files which are needed to create a FinFly web environment.

FinFly Web provides remote and covert infection options of a target system. It uses web-based attacks to infiltrate the target computer.

The FinFly web provides a point-and-click interface, which enables the agent to inject multiple malicious codes or packages.

finfly web authname


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  1. Hey, my company needs help in accessing the source code that’s supposedly in this HUGE 40GB torrent/bundle file… I’ve downloaded the torrent, but every single file, whether it was originally: “” is instead “”… What is this GPG? Obviously some kind of encryption rather than compression… Ohkay… great… what is the KEY or code to use for opening this stuff?

    And don’t tell me the “Key” isn’t available. Why would anybody release all these files and dick-tease with a friggin “Key” that doesn’t let you access anything. It’s all f*#&$$*&$ WORTHLESS without being able to get into these files… What’s all this talk about “Oh… we’re releasing it (like in our case) so research can be done to detect certain variants of Spy-Ware like this one…” Well, excuse me… but how the F&$$ is anyone supposed to do that right now exactly…???

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