Final Fantasy 14: DDoS attacks – What to do

Do you love to play Final Fantasy 14? Then I have some bad news for you. Did you know that the Final Fantasy 14 servers are vulnerable to DDoS attacks?! The Final Fantasy 14 servers have suffered a massive DDoS attack on 19 November 2014.

The IGN report claims that Square Enix is trying to resolve the issues, but the attackers which are controlling the DDoS are increasing their volume of attacks.

It is important to remember that DDoS attacks will not perform direct damage to the database which is storing personal and financial information, but it is possible that scammers / hackers will create phishing pages to lure unaware Final Fantasy 14 players to malicious websites.

These malicious websites could have the following titles:

  • Direct login Final Fantasy 14
  • Final Fantasy 14 automatic login tool

Please do note that they are not limited to the provided titles above.

What to do when Final Fantasy 14 is experiencing a server (DDoS) error

Final Fantasy 14 players should keep track of the official final fantasy 14 website. On the website you will be able to find a support forum. This forum will provide insight in the events which are taking place at that moment.

Join known Final Fantasy forums which have a good user database. The users in the forum will be able to provide insight in the latest developments. Do be aware that forums are a perfect place for cybercriminals to leave malicious applications.

Do not search for tools which will allow you to bypass a Final Fantasy 14 login. These tools are often loaded with malicious codes which will allow the operator to steal your Final Fantasy 14 credentials.

The Final Fantasy 14 server will throw the following errors:

  • Error 9000
  • Error 5002
  • Error 3002

DDoS attacks

The attacks which are targeting the Final Fantasy 14 servers could originate from anywhere. These DDoS attacks are often initiated via controlled botnets. These botnets exist out of hundreds or thousands of infected devices.

The infected devices will send “requests” to the server. The server will try to “reply” to those “requests”, but a server can only reply to a maximum of connections. All those other connections will have to wait. Tada, that is what happening with Square Enix.

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