FIFA World Cup hacking with ShodanHQ

Various FIFA World Cup 2014 devices have been indexed in the ShodanHQ computer search engine.

The ShodanHQ search engine has indexed over 50 IP’s which belong to the Brazil Assessoria LTDA company.

The devices provide the following information to the internet:

  • Client
  • Connection
  • Equipment
  • Warning! The use of this system is restricted to authorized users. All information and communications on this system are subject to review, monitoring and recording at any time, without notice or permission
hacking fifa world cup shodanhq
hacking fifa world cup shodanhq

If you take a look at the dates, you will see that they have recently connected various devices to the internet. The last time ShodanHq indexed a ‘Telemar’ device, was on 6/14/2014.

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