Ferguson activist: Beware of malware which is used by governments and malicious hackers

Why do we need so much anger and hate in our life?! The Ferguson incident has given the people a voice. They all know that it is sad that these actions happen, and it is not just about the Ferguson incident which took the life of Michael Brown. The people in Ferguson are upset because the police are forcing the population to a specific corner, while the police should be there to PROTECT them from being cornered.

Idiots are everywhere

I understand that you all believe that some people are at the wrong places, and with those people I mean idiots.

Police forces are made out of people, these people have a history and their history will form their actions. I said it before, and I will say it again. You have idiots everywhere and you will also find them in the police force – do note that it does not mean that THE POLICE are idiots.

When you need them

I hope this moment never comes for you, but if you need the police – they will be forced to show up. It could happen that the police is very busy with other cases and that they do not have the man power to send a police officer to the designated call, but often they do show up, and they provide help where needed.

This goes the same for ambulances, fire fighters and other public services which are actually made to HELP the people, instead of cornering them.

The idiots make it hard for the rest, and you cannot discuss with an idiot because they will beat you on their own ground.

The sad malware truth

If you are a Ferguson activist I recommend you to inform yourself about the FinFisher, Blue Coat and other types of intelligence gathering & hacking tools which are used on protestors.

Previous reports have concluded that activists are actively monitored by surveillance software. The case in Hong Kong, China concluded that malware might have been used by the government to spy on the demonstrators. The malware was crafted to specifically target iOS devices.

Today it was reported that FBI officers were killed in the Ferguson city, the FBI claims that the shooting had nothing to do with the riots and demonstrations which are active in Ferguson.

2000 FBI agents

Approximately 2000 FBI officers from the ST. Louis area have been transferred to Ferguson. These officers have been placed there to maintain public-order. Did you know that the Federal Bureau of Investigation has been built to fight?

  • Terrorism
  • Drugs
  • Organized crime
  • Spionage
  • Violent crime

We can now easily claim that Ferguson has been identified as a dangerous environment which supports organized crime and violent crime.

These environments need to be monitored. In today’s world, everyone is connected. The people in Ferguson are also connected. The most effective way to monitor these environments is by using spyware.

DarkComet RAT

A simple example of a spyware virus is the DarkComet Remote Access Trojan. This Trojan allows the operator to fully control a infected device.

This allows the DarkComet RAT operator to gain personal information and financial information from the infected device.

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