FedEx has been leaking data since 2014, Defense organs also included in leaked data

Copies of thousands of Dutch identity documents were stored on an unsecured data server for years, the documents were stored in such an order that they could be viewed by everyone. Documents of the Dutch defense were also present between the documents.

This is shown by a research that was performed by German security company Kromtech in collaboration with

The servers, which were bought by FedEx in 2014 from Bongo International had not been secured correctly by FedEx

FedEx states that the leak has been closed. The total of files that were found consisted of a total 119000 forms and documents.

On the server there were about six thousand documents from the Netherlands. This would involve three thousand identity documents such as passports and driving licenses, with another three thousand associated forms. The names, address details and telephone numbers of the Dutch were also present on these forms.

Dutch defense

How many documents of defense staff were exactly on the server is not clear. In a sample of 300 documents, the researchers found at least two identity documents from the Defense organization.

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