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What the Fappening and the Snappening has taught us

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Hackers seem to have found a new hobby. Break in to third party applications which are connected to services like SnapChat, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

The services are being used by people that like to share personal pictures to the internet. The problem is the fact that people think that they are only sharing their “personal pictures” to an specific service, but the reality is often different.

A lot of the services which are mentioned above, allow developers to use the service API. The API allows them to interact with the service database which holds pictures, user logins and so on.

How do they do it

Now the hackers often use a smart technique to gain personal information from their victims. They use applications / websites which can be connected to the service API. In this way the hackers are able to create a process which does the following:

  1. Allow user login
  2. Check user login with original database of the service via the API connection
  3. If connection is success, store the user login in personal hacker database
  4. Allow the user to connect and use the “promised” services

It is really that simple, the hackers are able to steal personal information via applications which they have setup.

The second method which can be used by the hackers is more aggressive. The hackers will search the third-party environment for vulnerabilities and they will eventually exploit them.

This could lead to cases like “The Fappening” and “The Snappening”.

Secure pictures with password

Now I was thinking of the following, hackers will always find a way to obtain personal information. The fact is that nothing is 100% secure, and it will never be 100% secure.

But what you can do, is to secure your pictures or personal information with a password, or encryption. This will make it harder for the hackers to “view” the leaked personal information or pictures.

Timelock on pictures

The second method, could be a timelock application. The picture is only available for “X” amount of time, and when the time has reached. The picture will be “encrypted and stored” on an offline database.

Do not use public sharing sites

The best method is NOT to share any pictures or information on the internet, but this method will kick you back to the age of NO INTERNET.

Do not use third-party applications

The Fappening and the Snappening were allowed because people were not aware of the risk their pictures might bring.

4chan and The Snappening

Now we all know 4Chan. It is the massive network which talks about EVERYTHING and shares EVERYTHING.

The /b/ page on 4Chan is often used to spread Trolls and other things which are WANTED and NEEDED by the bored people on the internet.

Now just imagine, if someone in the 4chan channel claims that it owns 200 000 leaked pictures. The /b/ page will go insane, and will try their best to make it go viral.

the snappening 2014

We are now 24 hours after the first “leak” of The Snappening, and take a look. The news agencies have adopted The Snappening news, just like they did with The Fappening.

I would say that it is 2 – 0 for 4Chan now. Did you know that The Snappening allowed to take down the website of! This was only possible by the amount of traffic which is generated by The Snappening news.

Leaked celebrities pictures

Pictures of celebrities are always wanted, why? Because they are celebrities. People want to keep track of them, and people want to have the latest pictures. Now just imagine that 4chan (or any website) claims that is has leaked pictures.

The crowd will go insane, and they will start searching for the leaked pictures.

the snappening download file

The leaked pictures do not have to be new. People are already hyped.


Scammers will also adopt to The Fappening and The Snappening trends. The scammers will setup multiple hoaxes and scams which will lure the users to a malicious website. The malicious websites are often loaded with advertisements and surveys. The scammers are also able to use The Snappening and The Fappening to share malware.

The malware will allow them to:

  • Control the computer
  • Download pictures
  • Download personal data
  • Start the webcam
  • And much more

The scams are often shared via Facebook and Twitter. The scammers will use “click-farming” techniques to gather likes and shares via the malicious scams and hoaxes.


Leaked Whatsapp pictures

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