Fake ‘T-Mobile Customer Rewards Program’ pop-up

Beware of the fake ‘T-Mobile Customer Rewards Program’ pop-up. This site has been setup by scammers. Scammers utilize these type of setup to monetize your data, in some cases, the victim ends up with unwanted actions on their social media accounts or web browsers.

100 randomly selected users have received this invitation

The scam claims that you are one of the hundred users which have received the T-mobile reward program pop-up. In this way, the scammers are trying to convince the visitor to continue on the site. Another trick from the scam books, is that the scammers state the amount of gifts and that this amount is limited. This is yet another trigger for the visitor to quickly fill in the forms.

The gifts in this scam campaign are supposed to be brand new Samsung Galaxy S10’s, Apple Macbooks and iPad Pro editions.

Fake T-mobile Customer reward program (Dutch)
Fake T-mobile Customer reward program (Dutch)

Examples from the fake T-mobile site

Below, you will find the texts which are used on the sites. You will quickly notice that the scammers want to convince the victim to be triggered in such a way, that the victim will continue to provide data on the site.

This is an example of the Dutch text they utilize:

Elke dag selecteren we willekeurig meerdere gebruikers voor polling. In ruil daarvoor bieden we de mogelijkheid om een ​​waardevol geschenk van ons of onze sponsors te krijgen. Deze enquête stelt ons in staat om gebruikers beter te begrijpen, onze sterke en zwakke punten te beoordelen en onze gebruikerservaring met onze services te verbeteren. Het duurt niet langer dan 30 seconden van uw tijd.

U kunt een nieuwe Samsung Galaxy S10, Apple Macbook of iPad Pro winnen. Het enige dat u hoeft te doen om een ​​geschenk te krijgen, is een paar vragen te beantwoorden.

Let op: 100 willekeurig geselecteerde gebruikers hebben deze uitnodiging ontvangen. Het aantal geschenken is beperkt!

An example of the English version

Every day we randomly select multiple users for polling. In return, we offer the opportunity to receive a valuable gift from us or our sponsors. This survey allows us to better understand users, assess our strengths and weaknesses, and improve our user experience with our services. It takes no more than 30 seconds of your time.

You can win a new Samsung Galaxy S10, Apple Macbook or iPad Pro. All you need to do to get a gift is answer a few questions.

Note: 100 randomly selected users have received this invitation. The number of gifts is limited!

T-Mobile Customer Rewards Program

The scammers have left fake comments on the fake T-Mobile Customer Rewards Program page. These comments state that you will receive a package at home. Do not trust these comments. The content on the fake T-Mobile Customer Rewards Program should be consider dangerous at all times.

Fake comments found on the scam site
Example of the fake comments which are left (Comments are in Dutch)

Protect yourself in 4 steps

Time needed: 5 minutes.

Follow the steps below to make sure that you are protected against these type of scams:

  1. Do not click on suspicious links

    If you get a random link, do not click on it. If possible, verify the sender via different routes.

  2. Install an antivirus

    Install an antivirus and make sure that it is updated to the latest version.

  3. Only leave your T-mobile data at official T-mobile partners

    If you have to provide information, then make sure that you utilize the official T-mobile site.

  4. Install ad-blocker

    Make us of an ad-blocker. This will block ads and it will assist you in keeping your browser clean.

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