Fake “NSA Most Wanted” X Account (@NSAMostWanted)

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Impersonation on Social Media

Here we go again, another fake X account. Creating fake accounts isn’t just limited to pranksters or attention-seekers, no… in 2023 it is a sophisticated tactic widely employed in misinformation campaigns and in cybercrime.

One case that has grabbed some attention is the X (Twitter) account “@NSAMostWanted.” Initially perceived by many as an official account of the National Security Agency (NSA). But when you take a closer look, it becomes clear, that it has nothing to do with the official NSA.

Fake NSA Account on X (Twitter)
Fake NSA Account on X (Twitter)

The account has been posting “fake” Most Wanted pictures of so called hackers. The information which can be obtained by running such an fake account on X can go all directions. The operator behind the account seems be having fun, as it has already posted 22 posts on X since the 13th of November 2023.

Some of these “fake” messages are:

If have any information on the hacking group known as “pwnp0ny” and it’s hackers known as: “ryan”, “taker”, “antichrist”, “gdkmango”, “shr00ms”, or “$urge”, you may be eligible for a reward. 
Help #FBI & #NSA locate Russian hacker, “Acidti” “Acidtiii” Wanted for: Conspiracy to Commit Fraud and Related Activity in Connection with Computers;

While the @NSAMostWanted account is on X, and some type of trolling seems to be allowed there, it is important to remain vigilant of such accounts1. Enjoy the internet, but know what to trust.

  1. https://twitter.com/NSAMostWanted ↩︎
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