Fake LinkedIn Profile check

We also added a nice video on how to bypass the LinkedIn wall

Be aware of what you put online

LinkedIn has a wall that often triggers when someones wants to visit or view your profile without having a LinkedIn account. This wall does not always work. In the video, we demonstrate how easy it is to bypass this wall by simply using the ir.linkedin.com domain.

LinkedIn Wall Bypass

Check the history of LinkedIn profile

See if the information provided makes sense. You will often find mistakes in fake LinkedIn profiles.

Picture of a Fake LinkedIn profile

Try to get an indication on how hold the LinkedIn profile is

If the LinkedIn profile has few connections, the chance is pretty high that it is a fake LinkedIn profile. This does not mean that all LinkedIn profiles with a low connection rate are fake.

Only add people you know

Only add people to your LinkedIn profile which you have worked with or know personally. For all of the other activities there are groups on LinkedIn. These groups can be used to get in touch with other LinkedIn members that are active and most likely not fake.

In total

So now you know why people are interested in your information, and you know what to do when you spot a fake LinkedIn profile.

  • You will make it harder for the owner of the fake LinkedIn profile to perform identity theft
  • Not a connection? Smaller chance you will accept something.
  • You decrease the chance that the fake LinkedIn profile will build credibility
  • You protect your personal information and contact details from yourself and of those in your network

And once you see a Fake profile you:

  • Do a Google Images hunt
  • Be aware of what you put online
  • Check the history of a LinkedIn profile
  • Get an indication of the age of the LinkedIn profile
  • Only add people you know
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