Fake LinkedIn Profile check

Do a Fake LinkedIn Profile check, and safe yourself a lot of hassle. There are a lot of fake profiles on LinkedIn, and each sector will have their own fake profiles. Some of the fake profiles are hard to detect, but most of them are actually quickly detected if you know how to perform a fake LinkedIn profile check.

In this article, we will explain how you can perform a fake LinkedIn profile check in just a couple of seconds. You will not need to install any applications and you can actually apply the fake LinkedIn profile check on all platforms that have a similar user experience.

Why do a fake LinkedIn Profile check

We think that it is important to understand WHY we actually want to perform a fake LinkedIn profile check. LinkedIn is a great platform, you can use it to find actually anything that is related to business. People from all around the globe share their expertise in their profile and this allows networks to grow of people with the same interest.

The profiles on LinkedIn are literally worth money, a lot of profiles share phone numbers, email addresses, full names, interests, employer information and the list goes on. This information can be used by companies to send (spam) emails that contain a specific service or product of interest.

By performing a fake LinkedIn profile check you will not only be protecting yourself, but you will also protect others. Once somebody has joined your professional network on LinkedIn, they can also get information from your network, so it is not only your profile that you will be protecting.

The impact of a fake LinkedIn profile check

  • You will make it harder for the owner of the fake LinkedIn profile to perform identity theft
  • Not a connection? Smaller chance you will accept something.
  • You decrease the chance that the fake LinkedIn profile will build credibility
  • You protect your personal information and contact details from yourself and of those in your network

What does LinkedIn do to protect my profile?

A while ago, the LinkedIn team published a post, in that post they explain how LinkedIn has setup a layer of defenses against fake profiles.

In a quick view, they do the following:

  • Prevent bulk account creation
  • Catch group of bad accounts before they can do anything
  • Score based on actions taken on the site
  • Score accounts flagged by members
  • Investigate accounts surfaced in tickets, intelligence and so on

Automated Fake Account Detection at LinkedIn
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