Facebook Web Messenger Login [Web, Smartphone and Tablet]

The Facebook social media network has just published their new platform which allows Facebook users to sign in to a web based Facebook Messenger. The Facebook web messenger is a free service which allows Facebook users to exchange messages, pictures and videos from the web based Facebook messenger.

How to login at Facebook Web Messenger

The Facebook Web Messenger requires users to login before they are able to use the messenger, so it is important to navigate to the login page of the Facebook web messenger and make sure that you provide the right credentials when logging in to the Messenger environment.


The Login field can be found on the left side of the Facebook Messenger page but it is possible that Facebook will change the location of the login field in the future.

The messenger can be downloaded from the Google Play, App store and Windows phone store and it expends the emoticons which are provided by default.

If you are unable to login at the web interface of the Facebook messenger then the chance is very high that you are providing the wrong login information, if you are 100% sure that you are providing the right information, then the following cases might be happening:

  • Facebook Web Messenger is not enabled in your environment
  • Facebook Web Messenger is not working correctly
  • Facebook Web Messenger is experiencing a DDoS attack

You can always ask the Facebook support team for some support on how to login at the Facebook Web Messenger if you have tried everything.