Facebook virus: Child eaten by crocodile

Hackers have uploaded a new Facebook malware that focuses on tricking Facebook users. This time the hackers used an video of an crocodile or an alligator that has the hand of a baby in his jaws. This is not the first malware that tries to infect people with shocking content. Last week we had the Facebook Rollercoaster accident malware that hit around 70 000 users.

The malware is titled: Hand Of a Child Eaten By crocodile but the old template is used.

The hackers are trying to fool people by using an template that looks a lot like the Youtube website. Once you visit the website you will see comments – but they are actually just solid pictures.

The search module of the website is named “YoTube” instead of Youtube. So be very careful when clicking on links that lead you to external websites.

The hacker seems to have setup multiple websites that serve the crocodile malicious application:

  1. aligator.footai.es/aligator.htm–cyberwarzone
  2. watch.surviveyourself.com/–cyberwarzone
  3. patriotsvsbroncoslivestream.com/–cyberwarzone
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