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[Facebook video] Babysitter beats, kicks and stands on baby [Uganda]

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A very shocking video has been circulating Facebook. The video shows how a babysitter from Uganda abuses a baby. The babysitter had been hired by the parents to look after the baby.

It seems that the parents did not trust the babysitter; the parents planted a hidden camera in the living room.

Once the parents got back and had viewed the tape – they were outraged. The father of the baby had beaten the babysitter in such a hard way that she ended up in a wheelchair and she is forced to get her nutrition’s via feeding tubes.

The babysitter was arrested and was taken to the Luzira Prison in Kampala to await her case to be reviewed.

The prison is next to a military complex which holds the barracks.

Babysitter abuses baby

The babysitter abuses baby video post on Facebook is not a hoax. It is a true incident which occurred in Uganda.

We urge everyone to keep their eyes open and to stay vigilant. If you notice that a child has bruises, ask them how it happened.

Sometimes, people need help – and you could be the one providing that help.


Many of you may be wondering whether any action has been taken against the maid who was seen in the video horribly torturing a two year old child. Well, reportsindicate that the case was registered at Kiira Road Police station in Kampala, investigated and the suspect one Tumuhirwe Jolly aged 22 years was arrested and arraigned in Nakawa court on November 20, 2014.

This was in line with the Anti-Torture Act, Section 3, which carries a maximum penalty of 15 years in jail. Patrick Onyango, the police spokesperson however says they are going to amend the charge with the consent of the DPP to Attempted Murder. Tumuhirwe was remanded to Luzira Prison and will appear in court again on December 8, 2014.

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