Facebook Thanks [Facebook Scam]

Beware of the “Facebook Thanks” Facebook scam which is being shared by unaware users. The “Facebook Thanks” Facebook scam is using the event which has been launched by Facebook to lure unaware users to their own version of the “Facebook Thanks” video.

Facebook Thanks video

Currently the “Facebook Thanks” video is being shared by people which have been informed about the official Facebook thanks event. These people are not in danger as the application is hosted and crafted by Facebook.

What we do have to think about is the scammers which could create fake websites which look like the “Facebook Thanks” website.

The scammers will be able to gain credentials, financial information and control over the device which is being used by the victim.

facebook thanks 2

Scammers and hackers are aware of the “Facebook Thanks” application and they will try to find a way to generate online revenue with their own “Facebook Thanks” Facebook scam.

We have seen this before when Facebook launched their “Look back” application. It did not take long before scammers had adopted the Facebook look back application to a malicious environment.

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