Facebook scam: The end of religious posts on Facebook

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A scam on Facebook has shocked thousands of religious people that post religious posts on their Facebook pages and groups. A new Facebook scam claims that Facebook is going to ban religious posts from Facebook timelines and groups.

The scam continues to explain that the new Facebook policy will allow the Facebook administrators to take down religious groups and pages that have religious goals or affiliations.


We were able to collect an example of the religious Facebook scam. The example is shown below, please be aware that is just one of the various religious scams on Facebook:

Facebook To Ban Religious Posts, Memes After Criticism From Atheism Groups

In a closed-door session with shareholders on Tuesday, Facebook executives wheeled out a set of new rules which, when implemented later this year, will ban their users from creating status updates and image posts related in any way to religion, while also vowing to disband groups and take down pages with religious goals or affiliations.

As you can read above, the Facebook scam claims that Atheist groups have lobbied their way into the Facebook policy group.

There is no reason to worry as Facebook has not implemented this redicious policy. Just ignore the scam and inform your friends about the Religious posts scam if you see them sharing it.

Share this with people that should know this: