Facebook scam: After Photo Leaked Jennifer lawrence Video Leaked

Scammers have launched a new scam on Facebook. The scam is titled “After Photo Leaked Jennifer lawrence Video Leaked”, the scammers are claiming that they have a private video of Jennifer Lawrence, but the fact is that they do not own any private video of Jennifer Lawrence.

The scammers are using the fame of Jennifer Lawrence to lure unaware Facebook users to a malicious website which is hosted on breastenlargementspecials.com. Once the user lands on the scam website, the user will be forced to share and like the malicious website which is hosting the “After Photo Leaked Jennifer lawrence Video Leaked” scam.

The scammers demand this as this will allow them to let the scam go viral on Facebook within hours. The scam is used by the scammers to generate a online revenue. The scammers use surveys and various ad programs to earn a online revenue with the scams they launch.

Jennifer lawrence Video Leaked

Be aware that the scammers do not limit themselves to one scam. They launch various scams as this will increase their hit rate (profit rate).

The scammers are also using the following text:

jennifer lawrence is very angry on her boyfriend josh hutcherson

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