Facebook scam list: 1001+ indexed Facebook scams

The online social networking service “Facebook” is one of the most used social media networks in the world. The Facebook headquarter is currently located in Menlo Park, California, and around 10000 people currently work for Facebook.

These 10000 employees are tasked with various tasks, and just a little percentage of the 10000 employees is responsible for taking down scams, hoaxes and malicious posts on Facebook.

So it is not weird, that Facebook might allow some scammers and malware to slip through the defenses of Facebook.

The scammers and hackers behind the Facebook scams will try to earn an online revenue from their victims, and it is also possible that they will try to steal data from the devices and accounts which they were able to infect or hijack.

In order to help you forward, we have created a massive list of Facebook scams and malicious posts, which might cross your Facebook timeline.

Facebook scams

These 10 Facebook scams hit a lot of users, and yes, the post is from 2011, but the Facebook scammers and hackers are still using the same methods and templates to lure unaware victims to their Facebook scams.

The 10 Facebook scams which has been posted on Facecrooks.com, explains that the following titles are being used by the Facebook scammers to lure unaware victims to their environments:

  1. Profile Viewers and Profile Blockers
  2. Free iPads & iPhones
  3. Bogus Facebook Contests, Sweepstakes & promotions
  4. Free items, Gift Cards & tickets
  5. Breaking News Stories
  6. Phishing attempts to steal your login info
  7. New or Extra Facebook features
  8. Shocking and Sexy headlines
  9. Fake Celebrity Stories
  10. Help I’m stranded and need Money stories

So it really does not matter if you search Google for “4 Facebook scams” or “9 Facebook scams”, you will see various types of Facebook scams, and in the most cases, they will look very similar to each other.

32665 Facebook scam

The 32665 Facebook scam is a SMS scam which tries to lure unwanted users into an unwanted application signup. If you are receiving SMS messages from 32665, then simply ignore them. You can also block the 32665 number by using your mobile settings. Each mobile or smart phone has the capability to block telephone numbers, and 32665 is just another telephone number which is trying to reach you.

So do not give the 32665 Facebook scam any chance, and do not spend any more time on the annoying 32665 SMS messages. Simply block it, and continue.

ASDA Facebook scam

The ASDA Facebook scams promise her victims that they will receive an voucher for sharing and commenting specific pages. In 2013, the ASDA Facebook scam went viral, and it forced the ASDA company to leave the following message on their official ASDA Facebook timeline:

WARNING: Please do not respond to posts offering you a £500 Asda voucher by sharing a page and commenting ‘Thanks, I love Asda’. This is nothing to do with us and may be an attempt to capture your personal data. Please warn your friends.

The Facebook warning which was shared by ASDA had received 4981 likes and 22 thousand shares. The victims of the ASDA Facebook scam had shared their personal information with cybercriminals. It is unknown what the cybercriminals have done with the information.


4 tricky Facebook scams to avoid

The most tricky Facebook scams which are currently circulating are the scams which try to steal personal information by forcing the victims to submit personal information to online surveys

2. Free iPads & iPhones posts which claims that the victim will receive an free iPad or iPhone

3. The shocking accident Facebook posts which try to lure victims to clickjacking websites

4. The Celebrity Death hoaxes

Costco Facebook scam

The Costco Wholesale Facebook scam is another scam which claims that the victims will receive an voucher of 500 dollars or more. The Costco Gift Voucher scam went viral in 2013, and Graham Cluley had written an nice report about it on his website.

He explains that the scammers try to force the victims to participate in malicious contests and actions in order to receive and steal personal information and financial data. The Facebook kmart scam, Facebook Kroger scam and the Facebook Krusher scam work in the same way. They all claim that the victims are able to receive a voucher if they follow certain steps which are provided by the scammers.

Facebook lottery jackpot scam

The Facebook lottery jackpot scam goes from is seen from while to while. The scam claims that the Facebook user(victim) has won the jackpot. The scammers then continues to force financial information out of the victim which the scammers will use on the dark net to sell or buy items. Some of these scammers work in campaigns which are able to reach thousands of unaware users. The information which is collected in bulk is often sold on the dark market.

So beware if someone claims that you have won a price via the Facebook lottery. Facebook does not have a lottery and they do not give away money to Facebook users.

Facebook scam Disneyland tickets

The Disneyland Facebook scam claims that victims are able to win or receive an voucher which will grant them access to Disneyland. A lot of parents and elders are tricked into this scam as they believe they can do something positive for their children or grand-children. The scammers behind the fake Disneyland tickets scams try to steal financial information from their victims by using surveys and Trojans.

Disney land internet hoax 2015

Facebook verification scam

The scams and hoaxes which are mentioned in this list, often use the “Facebook verification scam” method to trick unaware users into believing that they are dealing with a genuine website.

The Facebook verification scam is often activated once a victim tries to watch a video or page which is hosted by the scammer. The scammers will claim that the user has to verify their age via the “Facebook verification” method. The scammers often instruct their victims to share the page or video to their Facebook timeline to pass the “Facebook verification” step.

This is also the reason why you see the Facebook scams on Facebook timelines.

The Facebook scam list continues

As you might have noticed, there are 1001 Facebook scams which we can mention, but we are not going to do this. The Facebook scams are very dynamic, but they often use the same templates and methods to infect unaware Facebook users.

Some famous Facebook scams which we have not mentioned above are the Nigerian money scams and the famous ” see who viewed your profile” Facebook scam. These scams will never stop, and it is wise to recognize them so you will be able to avoid them.


I hope that you have enjoyed reading this Facebook scam list post, I share this information to allow the community to recognize these type of attacks before they can do damage.

So if you can share this information, it would certainly help in my fight against cybercriminals which try to scam people via the Facebook social media network.

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