Facebook scam: Jhonni Blaze and Drake leaked tape

Beware of the Jhonni Blaze and Drake leaked tape scam which is trying to lure unaware users to a malicious website which is loaded with malicious codes and malware. The Jhonni Blaze and Drake leaked tape scam is using known techniques which allows it to be identified.

Malware and malicious codes can be identified by various signatures and signs which are crafted by the malware or the hackers. We have listed some of the known methods which are used by scammers and hackers:

Imitation of known websites like Google Mail. Scammers and hackers imitate these environments to gain personal information from unaware users.

Shocking and explicit content are often used by scammers and hackers to lure unaware users to their malicious environments. The reason behind the use of these type of content is the fact that it a lot of people are interested in viewing shocking or explicit content, and the hackers and scammers are aware of this.

Weird domains, the first rule for the internet is to create and craft logical domain names for the content which you are trying to show. Scammers and hackers will often use non-logical names to trick security professionals which are trying to hunt down these evil environments.

Facebook scam: Jhonni Blaze and Drake leaked tape

The scam is using the “Tape Of Love & Hip Hop Star Jhonni Blaze Leaks with singer Drake!” title to lure unaware users to the malicious website.

The IP which is currently used by Jhonni Blaze and Drake leaked tape(breastenlargementspecials.com) :

Report the status of the scan: Success

Scan via VirusTotal


Check the Blacklist

Qualys SSL check

Defend yourself

It is very important to keep your security status high. Hackers and cybercriminals are scanning the internet for vulnerable targets, they do this in an automated process, which allows them to scan at least 100 websites each minute.

The hackers will also create malicious applications which run on Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms and operating systems.

The Jhonni Blaze and Drake leaked tape which has obtained your attention is just one of the millions of viruses which are crawling the internet.

If you think that you have been infected by Jhonni Blaze and Drake leaked tape, we strongly recommend you to take the following steps:

Use a legal and activited antivirus program, update the program before you run the antivirus.

Check your social media applications for weird applications and old applications which you do not use and Inform your environment, especially if you see someone sharing a virus, scam or hoax.

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