Facebook scam and hoax domains

Cybercriminals and scammers have been hosting various Facebook scams and hoaxes on domains which do not have a logical name. The scammers use multiple domains to host their malicious hoaxes and scams which are infecting thousands of unaware Facebook users each day.

In the last year we have been tracking down a lot of Facebook scams and hoaxes and to our suprise, the cybercriminals and scammers have been using the same domains for over a time limit of a year.

Ferrero Rocher Chocolates facebook scam 1

In the list below you will be able to view the domains which are used to host malicious Facebook scams and hoaxes:

  • akw.biz
  • alo.pw
  • bergkids.com
  • bergkids.com
  • bestcliplive.com
  • bonypin.com
  • brittanymaynard.com
  • colorsinternational.in
  • dailyfun.biz
  • dhunakillmaqwe.blogspot.com
  • easylifebusy.us
  • facetweetvideo.com
  • fitnessmylife.pw
  • getavoucherfast.com
  • heybabywaby.com
  • homeinteriorsli.com
  • imbesharam.me
  • kerolasun.com
  • marcadokarma.es
  • michaelbrown.pw
  • newsbuzz.pw
  • ranveerchinga.com
  • scoopywhoop.in
  • sixwiper.com
  • socialposthub.com
  • telehits.gue-music.com
  • thebestsocialvideos.com
  • video-ness.com
  • videos24.pw
  • watch-new-video.us
  • wixyz.com
  • thenewstimes.ga

The domains above have been hosting scams which are using dynamic titles that often use the following titles:

  • Shocking video
  • You will never eat
  • You will never eat
  • After watching this video
  • You will not believe

The titles above have been used by Facebook scammers to infect unaware users via shocking and exclusive fake content.

For example: You will never eat Snickers again after watching this shocking video

The scammers and cybercriminals will often force their victims to share the Facebook scams and hoaxes to their own Facebook timelines. The cybercriminals force this action because it will allow the malicious Facebook scam to reach a lot of users within a moderate time frame.

QZ8501 Air Asia Facebook scam 3

Facebook scams and hoaxes are often crafted because they allow the operators to generate an online revenue which can mount up to thousands of dollars each month. The cybercriminals which are behind these scams use scam and hoax generators which allow them to deploy multiple hoaxes and scams on the open internet within a couple of minutes.

QZ8501 Air Asia Facebook scam 2

It often occurs that the victims are forced to install a malicious video player or a malicious video codec. The victims are often tricked in to this malicious action because the victims are trying to watch an video which is “fake”, but the victims are unaware of that fact and they will download anything to watch the promised video. The fake video players often contain spyware and adware which allows the operators to collect personal information. In some cases the cybercriminals will use an remote access Trojan which allows them to fully dominate the infected device.

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