[Facebook Scam] Get a £75 Tesco Voucher

Dear Facebook users, be aware of the “Get a £75 Tesco Voucher ” scam which is currently viral on Facebook.

The “Get a £75 Tesco Voucher ” claims that you will get a Free Resco Voucher, if you simply share and like the page which is providing the Tesco Voucher.

The “Get a £75 Tesco Voucher” Facebook scam lures unaware users to a website which is hosted in Panama.

This website demands the user to share and like the page first. Once the user has shared the page, they will be forced to leave a comment on the Facebook api.

get a free tesco voucher coupons
get a free tesco voucher coupons


After the Facebook comment has been placed, the user will be forced to “like” the page. Once the user has followed all the steps, NOTHING WILL HAPPEN.

get a free tesco voucher - Facebook scam
get a free tesco voucher – Facebook scam

The scammers demand the victim to share the malicious hoax on their timeline. Once they have shared the malicious hoax on the Facebook timeline, they will be redirected to another website which will generate a revenue for the scammers. Hackers and cybercriminals will keep launching fake schemes as they provide a solid revenue for the hackers or cybercriminals. These hoaxes reach a lot of people and the hackers often post various schemes at once.

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