Facebook scam: French Flag colors on Facebook virus

Beware of people which claim that the ‘French Flag’ Facebook profile picture is a virus. Rumors are currently spreading on Facebook which claim that the French Flag Facebook profile picture is a virus, and that It is very dangerous.

The fact is, that the Facebook French Flag profile picture is part of a campaign to raise awareness about the recent terrorist attacks in France. The French Flag picture can be used by people to show their support to the French people.

People which claim that it is an virus are trying to lure unaware people into malicious scams which are actually an virus – so please be aware if someone offers to fix your ‘French Profile’ picture for you because they think it is a virus.

change-profile to france

Some important things to remember while being active on the internet:

  • Never give out your username – password
  • Never give out personal information which can be used against you
  • Do not simply install any application that you see – always check if it is legitimate
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