Facebook scam: Facebook Millionaire system

Beware of the “Facebook Millionaire system” Facebook scam which is trying to lure unaware Facebook users to a malicious environment. The “Facebook Millionaire system” Facebook scam claims that Facebook has started to hire people which want to work from home.

Facebook Millionaire system scam

In order to participate with the “Facebook Millionaire system”, the victims have to perform various tasks which include providing their financial, personal and potentially medical information to the external website (cybercriminals and hackers).

Facebook scam
Facebook scam

The scammers which are behind the “Facebook Millionaire system” scam have setup various environments which look very similar to each other, these environments claim that the visitors (victims) can earn thousands of money from their home.

Malicious domains which are used in the campaign:

  • hxxps://www0.internetfortune.co/
  • hxxps://www4.groupdealsuccess.com/
  • hxxps://secure.securinghomeincome.com/

The scammers pay attention to the environments which they setup, in the “Facebook Millionaire system” scams which I have seen, the scammers certainly have used their Photoshop skills.

So please be aware of Facebook posts which claim that Facebook users can earn money from home. The chance is 99% that it is fake and malicious.

Do share this information, so that your environment will be aware of these type of scams.