Facebook scam: Drugged Perfume paper

The Drugged perfume paper scam is currently circulating again on Facebook and on other social media networks. The Drugged Perfume Paper Facebook scam claims that people out on the street are trying to kidnap people by asking their victims if they want to smell a new perfume which is sprayed on a piece of paper, the Drugged perfume paper scam claims that the paper contains drugs which will force the victim to pass out within seconds.

drugged perfume scam

The actual message which is being spread:

If anyone stops you and asks if you’re interested in some perfume and gives you a paper to smell, please don’t smell it!! It’s a new scam, the tester paper is laced with drugs.

You will pass out so they can kidnap, rob or do worse things to you.

Please forward to all friends and family. Save a life please.

This was received from a Senior police officer this morning take note and alert everyone you want to protect. This is not a joke please. Pass this on.

What to do

The ‘Drugged Perfume Paper’ Facebook scam does not do actually harm except by the fact that it can be used by cybercriminals to setup fake pages which are build to lure unaware Facebook users.

If you take the Facebook message to heart, then there is no damage being done, but you should not be afraid of people on the street in a crowded environment.

Just be careful and always be with somebody you trust when you are going to try such samples out on the street.