[Facebook Scam] $100 Walmart gift card

Beware of the $100 Walmart gift card Facebook scam which is currently hunting down unaware Facebook users. The Walmart gift card Facebook scam tries to lure unaware users to a malicious website by claiming that they are able to obtain a 100 dollar Walmart gift card for free.

The Walmart gift card scam is being shared by unaware Facebook users, the scam forces the victims to share the Walmart gift card Facebook scam to their Facebook timeline. This allows the scam to go viral within a couple of days.

The victims are often forced to share the malicious website, once the victims have shared the malicious website they are redirected to another website which will try to serve surveys and advertisements.

Walmart gift card

On Feb 20, 2014 the scammers had forced their victims to reveal their credit card information. The scammers used Walmart and Target gift card scams to lure their victims to the malicious environments.