Facebook releases Facebook Spy Tool

Are you searching for a Facebook tool to spy on your friends? Then do not search any longer. Facebook has released a new tool which will allow each person on Facebook to spy on their friends. This tool has been made public to allow Facebook to gather more information about their Facebook users.

This tool allows Facebook and other users of the Facebook community to add and grab personal information which has been shared on the Facebook profile. The spy tool from Facebook has been released for a small amount of people as it is still in the development mode. Do not worry, the Facebook spy tool will also be used by government agencies to track down cybercriminals.

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Provide additional information

The Facebook tool which allows you to spy on people will be released to the public as soon as it leaves the development stage. This Facebook spy tool will allow everyone to add personal information to Facebook accounts. For example, if someone only provided their first name, a friend will be able to provide their last name to the friends Facebook page. This will allow you to spy on the Facebook page and grab the last name of the Facebook account which is being spied on.

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