Facebook posts about bombs will get you arrested, interrogated and MORE

The 21 year old male claimed that he was going to place a bomb near Kruitmolen, which is located in Middelburg (The Netherlands). He never knew, that an aware female on Facebook warned the Police about the possible bomb threat.

Once the police heard about the Facebook post about a bomb, they directly got permission from the public prosecutor to get the 21 year old male to the Police station. The Police was able to obtain the telephone number of the 21 year old male, and they called him and asked him to come to the police station for an appointment around 14:20.

Once the 21-year old male arrived at the police station, he was arrested and questioned for several hours. He was released after he received an fine of 500 EURO. I think he was lucky that he did not get jailed or shot on sight.

What do you think?!

Do you think Facebook Bomb Threats should be taken lightly or do you think that immediate action should be taken on each Facebook Bomb Threat?!

Because this male, was arrested, interrogated and fined for an Facebook Bomb threat which turned out to be a ‘random’ post.

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