Facebook Photo (stack of money) led to home invasion and murder

It is a very sad case, on the 8th of October 2015, a electronics repairman which had the age of 50, published an picture on Facebook. The picture was taken while he was holding a big stack of cash.

Three young males decided to visit the 50 year old male his home one week later. That visit ended up in the murder of the 50 year old electronic repairman.

The original photo included a joking caption from Harris that said “I misplaced $60,000.00. I hope my wife didn’t go shopping with it.”

This case gets even weirder, when the nephew of the 50-year old electronic repairman explained that the stacks were made out of 1 dollar bills and that only the top bills were replaced with 20 dollar bills.

This is just an simple reminder on how dangerous it can be to publish certain information online. There are really crazy people which are surfing the web for victims.


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