Facebook notes is being used to spread Phishing malware

Internet scammers are always on the look for new techniques which they can use to infect unaware people, in this case, the scammers have used the Facebook Notes function to spread malicious content to unaware people.

Facebook notes

The Facebook Notes environment on Facebook allows you to share text and pictures in a “bloggish” style of way, the Facebook Notes is an default option which is enabled in Facebook.

The scam

In the picture below, you are able to see how a scammer has claimed to share a video which a lot of males and females would like to see, but when you take a closer look, you will see that the “Video” is actually a picture which is hyperlinked to an external phishing website.

Facebook phishing scam
Facebook phishing scam

In just a couple of hours, hundreds of people have liked the post, and dozens have tried to watch the video. Some of the people even ask the scammer to add them on Whatsapp, so the scammer can send the video in a Whatsapp message.

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