Facebook: Multiple alternatives for the Onavo Protect VPN

Dear Facebook user, this message is for you. If you are trying to limit the amount of data Facebook and other companies can get from you, then this article is made for you.

In order to get a full understanding of what is happening, I am going to explain a couple of things to you.

What is a VPN

A VPN network should be seen as a secure connection between two trusted parties. It is like sending out your post via your neighbor his address. All the post that is returned, will be send to your neighbor his address, and your neighbor will give all the post to you, because he is trusted and you two have that agreement.

Now the same happens when you use a VPN, but instead of using your neighbor, you will be using the network of a company that can be based anywhere. So each type of traffic you generate from your computer while having a VPN enabled, will be send first to that company, and that company will make sure that each response that is given from the web is securely given back to you.

Onavo VPN

Facebook stated that they allow their mobile users to increase their security by using the Onavo service. The Onavo service is a service that you can find in your Facebook profile. This service navigates you to the Android Google Play store or the iOS App store (depends on which device you are using), where it allows you to download the Onavo Protect VPN which is owned by Facebook.

Now we already know that Facebook is king in gathering data from her users, and with the Onavo Protect VPN they are trying to increase the information gathering even more.