[Facebook malware] Man slips after epic selfie capture at Devil’s pool, Victoria falls

Another malicious video!

Watch this man accidentally slip after EPIC SELFIE capture at Devil’s Pool, Victoria Falls is the name of the hoax which is spreading on Facebook. The video which is titled ‘Man slips after epic selfie capture’ has gone viral on social media networks like Facebook and Twitter.

The hoax is luring innocent internet users to a malicious website which then will be served with malware. The hoax which is spreading claims that there is a video of how a man slips after he takes a selfie at the Devil’s pool, Victoria falls.

The man could have died, if the story was real!

You can recognize the Facebook hoax post as it will have the following text:

Watch this man accidentally slip after EPIC SELFIE capture at Devil’s Pool, Victoria Falls

Devil’s Pool, Victoria Falls- The most Dangerous Pool In The World!. Click to play the video.


The Facebook posts asks the users to visit a website where they will have to share a specific link or they will be asked to download a malicious file which will infect them with malware.

Devil’s Pool or Babinda Boulders is a natural pool at the confluence of three streams among a group of boulders near Babinda, Queensland, Australia. The feature is regarded as cursed in local folklore due to the substantial number of deaths that have occurred there; a popular story involves a curse placed by an Aboriginal woman.

In 2005, the Australia TV program Message Stick gave an account of the Pool through interviews and testimonies of witnesses to investigate the prevalence of deaths to young male travellers over the years. The pools have taken 17 lives since 1959. The local council urges visitors to stay within a designated swimming area to be safe.

We strongly recommend our readers to spread the awareness of these kind of hoaxes which will get unaware people infected with malware. We clicked on the download link and gues what? We got redirected to a malicious website which wants to serve as fake ‘Codec’ which is filled with malware.

The scammers will exploit the unaware. Inform them and share the information you just acquired. If you need more examples of Facebook malware, you can take a look at this massive list.

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