Facebook listens to users conversations

Will Facebook spy on you?!

Be aware. The latest update of the Facebook application will allow Facebook to listen to your conversations. The Facebook application demands access to your microphone. The microphone option is needed as Facebook wants to enable their VOIP service.

The fear has risen that Facebook will use the application to listen on users conversations, as the device will allow Facebook to start the microphone recording option. It has been proven earlier that the NSA and other government agencies are using the Facebook database to collect information on possible targets.

  • Facebook: Do not release your new app feature that listens to users’ conversations.

Facebook listens to users conversations

The fear for Facebook is real, but remember – you are in control. Once you have downloaded the Facebook application, you will be able to ‘shut off’ your device when you are not using it. Another way is, not downloading the Facebook application. But keep this in mind, if the government or anybody else wants to hack you or spy on you. They will not be stopped by a user that chooses not to download an specific application.

My advice: Simply download the Facebook application, as it will have no direct danger on your environment.