Facebook, Google and Twitter Doesn’t Know Your Password

It may come as a surprise, but YouTube doesn’t know your password. Facebook, Google, Twitter, none of them do. No decent website knows your password. It’s safer, that way a rouge employee or hacker can’t access your passcode. So how do the world’s most famous websites know when you sign in correctly? Super nerd Tom Scott explains in this new video. 

He explained:

1) that most “good” sites are only storing the hashed value of a password
2) why hashes are easy to compute one way, but difficult to reverse engineer

Some user comments on the video:

Chris Warrick

Actually, YouTube kind of knows my password.  Google Chrome syncs my passwords in the Google cloud, including the Google password, which is in turn used to log into my Google account, which is integrated with my YouTube account.
Hunter Willis

“If they do [send it back], run. They have no idea what they’re doing.”

Cough ADOBE Cough

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