Facebook down: What to do, and how to get back online at Facebook

Millions of people use Facebook on a daily basis, and to many, it is important to stay connected to the Facebook social media network. Now it has happened various times, that the Facebook servers have had an hard time to get all those people online, but thanks to the magic of internet, there are still some ways how you can get back on Facebook within minutes.

The first thing which you need to check, when you notice that Facebook is down, is to verify that it is down, and that it is not only down for you.

Facebook down: Lets get started

So first of all, navigate to this website, to verify that you are not the only one that is experiencing this issue with the Facebook social media network:

this will navigate you to downforeveryoneorjustme.com.

Great, now there are two answers which you could have got from the website above. Facebook could be down only for you, or it is not just you, and Facebook is actually down.

It is only you

If you get the it is only you message, the chance is very high that it might be actually just you. The service above checks from various resources if the website is online or offline.