Facebook Dislike scam / virus [WARNING]

Beware of the Facebook Dislike scam which tries to lure unaware internet users to install a virus on their computer. The Facebook Dislike scam is currently circulating on Facebook and it is claiming that Facebook users can use the dislike button on Facebook by following specific instructions which are hosted on an external website. The scam has been crafted because fake news was spreading that Facebook will introduce a new plugin which will enable Facebook users to use the Facebook dislike button on the Facebook social media network.

This particular scam has been hosted on various external sites, and once the Facebook users lands on the Facebook Dislike scam website, the user will be forced to provide personal/financial information to monetized surveys and once the surveys have been completed, the user will be navigated to another website which will force the user to download an file which is actually an virus.

Once the virus has been started, the cyber criminal / scammer behind the Facebook Dislike scam will be able to fully control the infected device.

So please, inform your environment on Facebook that an malicious “Facebook Dislike Scam” is currently circulating  and that it can be very harmful as it allows cyber criminals / scammers to gain access to personal and financial information.


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