Facebook developers leak Facebook passwords on Pastebin by accident

Millions of users have registered on the Facebook social media network and all these users have trusted Mark Zuckerberg  and his partners to hold this information in the Facebook databases.

These millions of users have been put in a nasty position as various Facebook developers have shared codes and snippets via the Pastebin website. The Pastebin files hold connection information which is used for the SQL database environment.

The editors behind the @SintheticLabs Twitter account have published a full article on the Facebook design, in the article you will be able to see how they were able to obtain classified information from the Facebook environment by using projects which are hosted on Github.

The resources claim that the password of Mark Zuckerberg was ” e5p0nd4″ which could be related to the Jewish fraternity Alpha Epsilon Pi motto “ESPONDA” which can be found on their coats.

Post from 2010 which clearly shows how passwords are provided on the internet
Post from 2010 which clearly shows how passwords are provided on the internet

Nathan Malcolm of Sinthetic Labs did a very fine research.

Inspecting the contents of these finds, Malcolm divulges the login names of some Facebook programmers (emir), the naming convention of Facebook developer machines (dev3003), where internal utilities are stored (/home/engshare), the name of an internal library of code (flib) and more.

Malcolm reveals official and actual Facebook shell script code and PHP code, and even makes this available as a zip file download from his web site, stressing that none of this code was illegaly taken from Facebook, nor was it given to him by any Facebook programmer. Rather, he found it simply lying around the Internet in public view.


server address:
database name: insights
username: mark
password: e5p0nd4

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