Facebook chat encrypter: Encrypt your Facebook chat messages!

A new Facebook chat encrypter has been released in the form of a Facebook plugin. The Facebook chat encrypter will encrypt your Facebook chat messages with AES encryption. The developer claims that it will add a simple lock icon in your chat box which (once clicked) allow you to setup a password for the encryption of the Facebook messages.

fb chat encrypter 1

The use of the encryption is very straight forward. First you install the plugin.

Once installed , you can send a message to your friend with encryption enabled, but first you will have to setup a password.

fb chat encrypter 2

Once you have provided a password, you can continue to write a message

fb chat encrypter 3

Once you are done with the message, click on the “lock” icon, and the message will be encrypted with your password

fb chat encrypter 4


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