Facebook Bitcoin scam invites your friends

This Facebook Bitcoin scam is using automated messages to lure friends from infected Facebook accounts to the cleanroomcloth.com website.

The user which is sharing this message, is most likely, sharing it without knowledge. These type of messages are often shared, after a user has allowed an application or service to take control of their Facebook timeline.

In some cases, the users actually willingly share these messages, as they are being instructed by a scam website to do so. This often leads the infected Facebook user to the next page of the Facebook Bitcoin scammers.

In the picture below, you can see one of the examples. One of the users on Facebook is sharing a link to a Facebook Bitcoin scam website. The user shared this link with 97 Facebook friends.

Lured users are sharing automated messages on their Facebook page

Another user sharing similar messages to 87 other people.

The automated Facebook Bitcoin scam messages:

Dutch: Voor iedereen die interesse heeft in het laten groeien van hun inleg door een geautomatiseerd systeem Bitcoin voor je te laten verhandelen, raad ik je aan om dit artikel te lezen, ik heb dit een week geleden al getest en heb mijn investering van 250 al laten groeien tot 843. Voor degenen onder jullie die geen interesse hebben, hierbij mijn excuses!

English: For anyone interested in growing their deposits by letting an automated system trade Bitcoin for you, I recommend you read this article, I already tested this a week ago and have already grown my investment of 250 to 843. For those of you who are not interested, my apologies!

Dutch: Zo’n interessant nieuwsartikel! Voordat ik dit deelde heb ik mijn eigen spaarpotje hierin gestoken om mijn resultaten met jullie te delen. Nou, na een paar dagen kan ik alleen maar WAUW zeggen! Ik heb net een totale winst van 863,29 euro opgenomen. Dacht dat ik zoveel mogelijk van jullie zou taggen zodat iedereen dit kan doen

English: Such an interesting news article! Before sharing this I put my own money box in this to share my results with you. Well, after a few days I can only say WOW! I just recorded a total profit of 863.29 euros. Thought I’d tag as many of you guys as possible for everyone to do this


These type of scams are not dangerous, as long, no information is being shared with them, and no action is taken. It is important to be vigilant about these type of threats. If you suspect that you are posting unwanted messages on your timeline, then make sure to review the applications which you have installed on your Facebook account.


  • cleanroomcloth.com
  • 68FOA45GJL.cleanroomcloth.com
  • economie-blog.com
  • bitcoineraonline.com

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