Facebook accounts hacked within minutes by hackers

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Facebook hacking has been famous since the day Facebook went viral, and hackers have noticed that it is hard to hack the security of Facebook, but it is easy to hack a Facebook user. Hackers perform phishing attacks on Facebook users, in the hope that they will gain credentials or financial information.

There are various ways how the cybercriminals and hackers work when it comes to Facebook account holders. The hackers will try to setup phishing pages on external websites, these websites often look very genuine to famous websites like Facebook, Yahoo, Youtube and so on.

The only difference is that the Facebook user will not be on the official domain of the service which is promised.

Hackers use dynamic dns providers to hide their addresses behind genuine looking domains. It is also possible that the hackers will use a breached website to host their phishing pages.

Cybercriminals and hackers also have access to the Kali operating system, and on that system there is a tool called the Social Engineering Toolkit. This tool allows any user to perform a phishing attack within minutes.

The screenshots below, will show you how easy it is for the hackers to perform a Facebook phishing attack:




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