Evilginx: The Powerful Phishing Tool that Outsmarts 2FA

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Threat hunters! Today we’re cracking open the details of a sophisticated phishing tool known as Evilginx. It’s not your everyday phishing tool – it’s more cunning and much more dangerous.

What’s Evilginx?

Evilginx is a potent tool that’s been making rounds in the darker corners of the internet. It’s a phishing attack framework that ups the ante on traditional phishing methods by bypassing some of the most relied-upon security measures. Evilginx harnesses the power of man-in-the-middle attacks to make the illicit, well, almost legitimate.

Evilginx 3.0
Evilginx 3.0

Evilginx in Action

What sets Evilginx apart from the crowd? Its unique capability to conduct “pass-through” attacks. The tool sits quietly between the victim and the legitimate site, impersonating both sides of the conversation. It’s a silent observer, intercepting and storing all the data exchanged.

Picture this: You’re logging into your favorite service. You’ve done your due diligence – checked the URL, the SSL certificate, the page layout, everything seems spot on. But unbeknownst to you, Evilginx has already infiltrated, silently recording your every keystroke. Creepy, right?

When is Evilginx Deployed?

Evilginx truly excels in highly focused attacks, particularly against organizations armed to the teeth with security measures. It’s because this tool is designed to bypass even two-factor authentication (2FA). Yes, you read that correctly. It can outsmart 2FA, a core defense in our cybersecurity arsenal.

Here’s how it works: When a user inputs their 2FA code, Evilginx snatches it and immediately forwards it to the legitimate website. This happens so quickly that the site accepts the 2FA code as valid, and voila, the attacker is in.

Video by Jan Bakker on Evilginx

Be on Guard

As menacing as Evilginx is, being aware of its capabilities is a significant step towards defense. Now that you’re familiar with this tool, you’re better equipped to tackle it. Regular security checks, continuous user education, and multi-layered security strategies remain our best defense against such formidable threats.


  • Visit the Evilginx project on Github (Link)
  • Get Guides from the official Evilginx website (Link)

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