How everyone got fooled with “The Fappening”

Well done “Fappening”, we cannot wait until you start your explicit website which will use the thousands of shares and likes which have been collected via the fake “fappening” pictures.

The Fappening is a direct example of a click and share campaign which has gone viral. The site only needs to upload a picture and claim it is a “specific” famous person. This will lead up to thousands of likes and shares, which will allow them to go viral with each post they make.

I am not sure if you have visited the Fappening website, but it is pretty straight forward. Once you land on the website, you will be able to search their directory for “famous” persons.

Once you click on a link, a pop-up will be activated which will try to show you some advertisment. These advertisements are used by The Fappening owners to generate some money via the website.

But be aware, the advertisments which are shown are often advertisments which require your mobile phone number and personal information. They will try to sell you a subscription, which will demand a weekly/monthly payment.

The website also contains a forum which demands registration. Now we guess that 80% (random percentage) will use the same password and e-mail account which they use on other portals. Do you even know, to who you are providing the information? 🙂 Do not be “suprised” when your own private pictures get leaked on The Fappening website.

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