EUROPOL: 15 Dutch young adults responsible for DDoS attacks

A Europol research stated that 15 Dutch young adults have carried out a coordinated DDoS attack on websites, schools and internet users.

The Dutch police has paid all of them a visit this week, and because of their age, they have not been arrested.

The police did have a serious talk with the young adults, the police stated that these kids can use their skills to do good instead of using their skills to do wrong.

The funny piece about this is that the kids did not show any signs of skills, they simply paid for a DDoS service while failing to hide their own online identity, but I do believe that the police did the right thing, they gave the 15 youngsters a second chance – now let’s just hope they use that chance.

What do you think? Do you think that they should have jailed the 15 young adults?

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