European Commission Reject State Controlled Internet

In a press release European Commission announced that signed a joint statement to the Internet Governance Forum at ninth annual IGF Meeting held in Istanbul titled “Fighting for a free and open internet”.

The EU delegation statement signed by Vice President Neelie Kroes and other Member of the European Parliament.

European Commission press the Turkish government for blocking YouTube and Twitter and about 51,000 websites.

According the  joint statement ; The EU delegation to the IGF have argued strongly in Istanbul for :

  • Expanded internet access globally
  • Maintenance of the internet as a global, open and common resource and non-discriminatory access to knowledge
  • Greater accountability and transparency in the “multi-stakeholder” internet governance model (for example, in decision-making processes around .wine related domain names)
  • Rejection of the idea of a state-controlled internet/s
  • A stable and secure mandate for continuation of the Internet Governance Forum (with adequate resources)
  • Recognition that our fundamental freedoms and human rights are not negotiable and must be protected online.