EU wants to make it easier for the police services to request data from tech companies and cloud providers

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The European Union wants to make it easier for police services to request data from tech companies and cloud providers. The European Commission will present three options to EU ministers that will form the basis for a new bill, including the ability for police to copy data directly from the cloud.

I am sure that in the aftermath of recent terrorist attacks and increasing threat in Europe there will be more understanding amongst the ministers, including those from countries where no attack has yet taken place – Jourova EU Commissioner (Justice)

The least intrusive option means that the authorities in one EU country can ask for an IT provider in another EU country for evidence without first consulting the authorities in the country concerned. The second proposal obliges companies to retrieve data if they receive a request from the police from other EU Member States.

The third and most intrusive option that is considered is intended for situations where it is unclear to the authorities where a server is located or there is a risk of data being lost. According to Jourova, this third emergency option is intended and requires additional measures to protect people’s privacy. What kind of data will be registered by the bill will be discussed today. This data may include location data or, for example, personal communication data. When it comes to Jourova, it is possible to use personal information in case of heavier crimes such as terrorism.

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